05 February 2008

Super Fat Tuesday!

So today is the best of both worlds…eating and voting. It’s Fat Tuesday and you should be enjoying a paczki as you go to the polls. For those of you who don’t know what a paczki, it’s the greatest polish pastry ever. It’s a big old fat jelly doughnut, weighing in at about 20 oz and packed with a whooping 400 calories. Growing up in Detroit we enjoyed this day also known as Paczki Day (pronounced POONCH-kee). It’s a big day for Polish bakeries in the area, check out the article in the Detroit Free Press. It’s unfortunate that no one in these Southern States knows what they are and misses out on their FAT goodness! After all, tomorrow Lent begins and since you’re supposed to be good and give up something you should eat two or three of those little suckers to get your sugar and fat intake for the next 40 days.

And hopefully everyone voted as well if your state has a primary. I was good and did early voting mostly because I thought we would already be gone from TN by the time Super Tuesday rolled around. The only sad part of early voting is you don’t get that great ‘I Voted’ sticker. That didn’t stop me from telling people I voted though! I don’t care who you vote for, well actually I do, as long as you vote. Voting is a great freedom we have and should take part in to protect that and all the other freedoms for which we obscenely take advantage of on a regular basis. Hmmm…since today is Fat Tuesday maybe they should have given out Red White and Blue beads if you voted!

So enjoy Super Fat Tuesday. Vote, Eat, and wear Beads!

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