20 March 2008

Ahhhh...The Weather

The weather this past week has been fantastic. It has been in the low 80's with humidity in the single digits. It makes it quite pleasant to sit outside and enjoy it. We've been sitting outside and playing in the great weather every day and evening. The kids are LOVING playing and running around the backyard. And Leo and I are enjoying hanging out on the back patio watching them. They play on their little kangeroo climber on the grass, Sweet Girl rides her bike on the patio, Little Man draws with chalk all over the patio, climber, benches, and basically anything that will take it.
Now that we spend so much time outside it's time to invest in some comfy patio furniture. Our $5 camp chairs from Wal-mart are starting to rip. And there is only two of them so when my parents were here it was almost like who could get outside first to get the comfy chair. The only problem with patio furniture is, I think, it is ungodly expensive. We looked at some and the whole set which included a couch, two chairs and a table was $2500. I was like HOLY CRAP. I mean I don't mind spending money but I just think that is TOO MUCH for patio furniture. So now the search will begin for reasonable, comfortable and nice looking patio furniture.
If you have any suggestions of places to look I would love to hear it!


Anonymous said...

Well Danielle I saw some nice ones in the Lowes paper and bite my tongue in the WalMart circular.I told your father "wow this would look good on the kids patio" but keep looking sometimes you find neat patio stuff in the places you wouldn't expect. HAPPY EASTER
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

WalMart does have nice patio furniture and so does Target. Enjoy the weather. Are you going to be hiding eggs in your backyard on Sunday?

Basha's Mama said...

Brag about the weather now - you'll be singing a different story in a few weeks. :) March is always a lovely time in AZ and then just as suddenly spring is gone! But it's a dry heat. ;) - Judy

pp said...

You should definitely check online for your patio furniture! Sometimes you can find really great deals that you won't find in a store!