10 March 2008

It's an earache

Saturday afternoon Sweet Girl was fine, not the clingy mess I figured she would be which was nice.
Sunday was a different story, she woke up crying, fell back asleep after she was up for a while and was generally crabby. I had given her some tylenol and it seemed to kick in enough for us to go out for breakfast and a quick trip to the Superstition Mts. It was a nice trip but we weren't allowed in the Lost Dutchman State Park because it was too crowded and dangerous. So we just found a pull off and let the kids walk around and look at the cacti out there. She was in a good mood. And feel asleep on the way home.
The afternoon turned worse when she complained her ear hurt and was running a fever. She fell back asleep...that makes TWO naps in ONE day which is odd since we're lucky if we even get one!
5:00 rolls around. I had found this place not to far from us called Good Night Pediatrics. They have all pediatricians on staff and are open from 5 PM to 5 AM. Wish I had known about them when we headed off to the horrible Phoenix Children's Hospital. We were in and out of there in less then an hour with an ear infection, motrin for pain, benadryl for congestion and a prescription for another antibiotic.

Hopefully this is it for the sickness, since in the 3 weeks we've been here we've had Strep, Croup and now an ear infection. I'm over the sicknesses. They suck and are making my life even more miserable right now especially since I was struggling with the move itself to begin with. This is not helping.

Send us good well vibes because apparently my positive thinking is going in the opposite direction.

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Tami said...

Awww! I'm so sorry for your string of bad luck with the illnesses! I hope Sweet Girl gets well soon and is done with antibiotics for a long while!!!