17 March 2008

Poor Planning On My Part...

Tomorrow my parents head back home to TN. This will be very sad and difficult for me. They have been here for over a month and to be honest with you I have enjoyed having them around. Not just because of the extra hands they provide in taking care of my house and kids but because I love them. And I like having them around. Sure they get on my nerves every once in a while but everyone seems to do that so that's note really worth noting.
What is going to make the them leaving even worse is they are leaving during PMS week. This is not a good thing, because during PMS week everything is multiplied by like 100 for me. So while yes them leaving at any time would have been hard, it's going to be especially difficult for me now.

I am going to consult my pill pack for any other decisions like this from this point forward. I've done this a few times. I did the cleanse and ended it right during PMS week AND my birthday. Not a good idea to have to "ease" back into eating when you have raging hormones that want all things fried, sweet and topped off with Coke. I should have advised them to leave next week when my crazy hormones don't have the best of me and I'm not a emotional bitch.

I'm already suffering a little today, sad when I think about them leaving and then I get irritated that we moved again.
I'm trying to go to Happy Valley, but it's not really working...


Anonymous said...

Here I can say I honestly understand. It sucks

I forgot my frigging username and password

Anonymous said...

Well Danielle, since my first comment did not take (computer illiteracy) I guess I will try again. You know this will be really hard. When we would go visit your sister, it always helped knowing when we left that we would be coming home to you guys. But now no one. It didn't make it any easier today the last day with the kids that Garrett put a cd in Audrey's player and it was Celine Dion talk about crying a river("Ga Ga why are you crying?") just some dust in my eyes. With it only being 8 hours away from your sister, a chance to get a new house sans the pink carpet how could we go wrong? So see you have to go to the happy valley cause your kids love it when you're there not to mention your better half. So see you soon my dear family.
Mom & Father