31 March 2008

Finally A Good Weekend

Finally a good weekend was had by all. It was sickness free so maybe my psychology is working! The kids were well behaved, the weather was great and we had a lot of fun. If every day was like this weekend then I would be fine with being here! Sunday was packed with all kinds of fun stuff!

Here are some highlights:
Saturday night Danielle had a mom's night out with some mom friends she met online. It was really fun.
Sunday we went out to breakfast at the Village Inn. It's a lot like Denny's. As Leo pointed out we were at the not in their demographics. We were much YOUNGER then the crowd where I saw an oxygen tank and a lot of walkers and pretty much everyone had grey or white hair. But besides the crowd the food was good, pretty cheap for the amount of food they gave you. The kids behaved in the restaurant and at all their breakfast. I enjoyed their biscuits and gravy which was actually pretty close to what you would get in TN. However they added a southwest twist to it and sprinkled paprika on it. Very interesting but added a nice touch.
Then we headed off to the zoo. The weather was perfect, by 9:30 or so it was about 73. The zoo is GIANT and we only got through half of it last time so we went ahead and did the other half yesterday. We started out on the Merry Go Round. I actually rode it and almost revisited my biscuits and gravy. I knew I hated them for a reason. I won't go on it again.
Sweet Girl and I also went into the Stingray Bay where you are able to pet the stingrays. Ok, so I am not a fan of sting rays. Not because I am afraid they will spear me or anything. It's because I have had TWO bad experiences with these aquatic creatures.

The last one, Sweet Girl and I experienced together. We went to a friends 1st birthday party at the Aquarium Restaurant and it included a trip to the pet the sting ray place next door. I'm thinking Sweet Girl will love this. I pick her up and we're standing there looking at the rays swimming around when one of them comes up the side of the tank, opens his mouth (which is quite large by the way) and covers us with water. The amount of water was amazing it was like a freaking fire hose. So I SCREAM on the top of my lungs and now Sweet Girl and I are drenched with nasty salty stingray water. So I will admit I was a little apprehensive in my attempt to pet them again. And they seem to sense this apprehension as they flocked over to where we were after we put our hands in the water. Luckily we were not sprayed this time so that was nice. That was the end of our zoo trip.

Next we ventured to the mall to get Sweet Girl some new crocs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes for the kids. They are easy to put on and to clean. She was excited to get two new pairs and now sports a cute little light green mary jane type croc. Which is just adorable. She looks so cute in them. And a classic croc in the color "grape" yes it's a bright purple. She picked it out.
We enjoyed a lunch in the food court, where the kids got Happy Meals from McDonald's that they started putting back in the cool little boxes not the bags anymore! That was neat to see again. (I know that's dorky).

McDonald's is also having some sweepstakes for their Pirate and Princess gig at Disney World. I was reading the fine print and apparently if you're a Canadian resident you can't "just" win. You have to answer a "skill-testing question". Seriously that's what it said. So if you're Canadian sucks for you if you don't have that skill.

After stopping to look at palm trees and some cacti we headed home so Little Man could have a nap.

I promise that the day is almost over if you've tired of me rambling on about the extensive details of our day.

We ended our day at the Ace Hardware. We only went in for a prefilter for the HEPA filters in the kids rooms. And we left with new patio furniture! YAY!!! And we got 20% off it. We now have four comfy chairs and a big ottoman that also has a cushion so it can be used as an extra seat or a table. AND (yes there is more!!) a dining set, that is teak wood and includes a table, two chairs and two benches. It's really nice. The best part of all it was the price! We got it all for less then one of the sets at Costco!

Things are finally coming together. We have a couple more things to do inside. We need to paint because for some reason the previous owners were obsessed with brown. EVERY room, with the exception of the kids room has some shade of brown. It's gross and is getting depressing.

So there you have it, the details of a good weekend so far.

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