01 April 2008

Trash, Boys and Major Appliances

Well apparently we don't feed Little Man enough food, I don't see HOW this is possible since he's basically always eating. His new favorite place to get food....the trash can. Yes my friends and family, Little Man is eating out of the trash. Even with food on the table, I guess the lure of the trash can is much more appealing. This is not the first time he's done this. Hopefully no one calls DHS on us now. For the record we do not eat of the trash, encourage eating out of the trash or any of the like. I guess he just does not want to waste food, he's being economical. Remember this is the same child that would purposely throw food on the floor in order to come back later and eat it. And would get QUITE upset if you picked it up off the floor and he saw you do it.

Sweet Girl is becoming quite popular in her new classroom. To the point of receiving hugs from boys upon arrival. When you ask her about it, she gets this sly little look and is all funny about naming the boys in her class. Leo starts asking her if they have good intentions and are they nice boys. I just roll my eyes and Sweet Girl just stares at him like he's got 100 eye balls. It really is quite funny the way she acts when discussing the boys in her class. I think Leo and I are kind of nervous now. She does have a picture of a former classmate from her old school on her nightstand. It's a cute picture and she still talks about him. Every day they went to school together he would take her on a plane to the beach. They liked each other so much, he had to celebrate his birthday at school a day later just so she would be there. That's toddler love right there.

Major appliance update. The microwave is still broken. We had a scare with the dishwasher. I was half excited since it might mean we could get rid of that retarded thing. But Leo got it working. Damn. And the air unit is working fine now. Yay.

And Leo and I experienced a loud noise at 12:30 AM, that woke us with a start. We still cannot find the source of it. Nothing makes sense. It was a loud beep, almost a millisecond of a house alarm. It was loud and woke us both up. Weird. Another haunted house??

Tomorrow I start a rowing class on Tempe Town Lake. I'm so excited, I've been interested in rowing for a long time. I can't wait to row in a boat. I bet you're singing row row row your boat now aren't you? Ha Ha, I sing it to myself every time I think about it. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow Danielle good to hear about your rowing class. If for some reason your house is haunted, then it is a good haunting cause we felt very comfortable in it, I love your house and everyone in it.We were happy to read your previous blog about the great weekend you had. See you soon
Love Mom

Kelly said...

Ah poor sweet girl and her kindred spirit here will have the same issues with boys and daddy. LOL. Whenever M talks about a boy Sean always asks her if she told him that she had a mean daddy. She just laughs at him and tells him he is silly. The girls will have much to discuss late in life.

Anonymous said...

At least your little man can wash his trash can food down with the water he sucks up from the cracks:) Kids are so weird. Mine likes to put her food down beside her in her highchair. Let me know how the rowing class is. Man your arms are gonna be sore!