29 April 2008

Sweet Girl Funnies

Sweet Girl is just funny sometimes, she is very honest and a dramatic but funny. We went to Leo's office again. Actually, we have to go every Monday and Wednesday because I go rowing those nights. When Sweet Girl asked why I wanted to "row my boat" I replied to her that I wanted to get smaller. This seemed to confuse her but I didn't know what else to say and didn't want to tell her I needed to row my fat ass off. She thought for a minute and said "Mommy you can't get smaller. You can only get bigger." Gee thanks, I already know that, I've already been getting bigger thus the rowing. It was just funny, I wish you could have seen the expression on her face.

So we go to see the ducks every Monday and Wednesday and we have to bring stuff to feed them. They must have been hungry this week because they were really close to us and Sweet Girl was feeding them a cracker when one of the female ducks jumped up and nipped the cracker in her hand. This caused Sweet Girl to scream and cry a little bit proclaiming "The duck bit me." I asked if she was OK and inspected her finger which seemed fine. To which she says "That duck tried to eat me." I guess in a literal sense it did in fact try to eat her but didn't get very far.
The downfall to feeding the ducks and fish is there are also pigeons. I hate pigeons, probably because as I grew up my Grandma Jean hated pigeons and did just about anything to keep them off her balcony and from pooping everywhere. There were three pigeons siting by us and I shooed them away with my foot:
Sweet Girl: "Did you just push those birds away with your foot?" (stern concern here...)
Me: "Yes"
Sweet Girl: "Well that's not very nice. You tell that bird you're sorry."
Me "OK, but they are nasty birds and needed to go away" (I stopped myself here from saying they are nasty birds that are basically rats with wings and will shit on your head at any given chance).
Sweet Girl: "Get away nasty bird" as she is now chasing the pigeons away. Thankfully they did not poop on her head.

The last thing of late is, she has become a fan of Puff The Magic Dragon. We sing the song or read the book, sometimes we sing the book. In her song Puff lives in Bonalee not Honalee. She loves this song. It's so funny and cute to hear her sing it. Hearing me sing is probably not all that pleaseant so I wonder if anyone can hear us thru her monitor as we belt out this tune during our bed time ritual.
There was a CD that came with the book. I think they sing Puff a little slow and I find it annoying. But what I find even more annoying is their rendition of 'Jimmy Cracked Corn'. They sound like the Will Farrell and that other chick from the Saturday Night Live skit when they would sing songs all slow. It actually sounds like a joke but it's not and they also have some pronunciation issues because at some points during the song it sounds like they are calling old Jimmy a bastard. I would too, with how that song goes. But Sweet Girl won't let me go past that song.

Thank God the CD only has 4 songs on it.

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