20 April 2008

Sooo....Will They Get Sick?

Since living in a bubble here in Phoenix/Chandler is a bit out of the question as a way of keeping the kids from getting sick again, we were brave and ventured out to a public place for a birthday party. It was at a Pump It Up in North Phoenix for a daughter of one of the mommie friends I met on line. Yes I meet my friends online, how else do working mommies meet other mommies? Come to think of it, this is how I met ALL my current mommie friends. So far they've all turned out pretty normal and I am extremely close to a few of them.

I did think to myself as we were leaving on the this trek that hopefully they have been exposed to all the new Arizona germs to not catch anything at this fun event.

Excuse this tangent on how far it was from us, it was about 45 mins each way. And we never left Phoenix, this should tell you just how big this area is. If we drove 45 mins north or south from our old house in Brentwood we would pretty much almost have been in Kentucky or Alabama respectively; completely different STATES. And here we drove 45 mins north and never left Phoenix (except to drive through Scottsdale and back into Phoenix). It was just sort of funny when I looked it up on Google Maps on how to get here and saw it was 47 miles and 56 minutes away (or up to 1 hour and 30 mins in traffic, thankfully it was a Sunday...). An eye opener you might say.

So we went and had a good time. And those places make me feel old and too much jumping makes me pee my pants a little bit, much in thanks to the two small people jumping with me. I am even the kegel queen but still...ok I'll stop THIS tangent now because now my post is taking a completely different turn. I did feel like one of those germaphobe parents that would have pretty much dipped Sweet Girl and Little Man in a hand sanitizer bath if anyone with a runny nose so much as looked at them. I was so freaked out that they were touching all that stuff after all those kids and all the hundreds of kids before them. Oh the germs that were there. OH THE GERMS, OH MY GOD. The thought of it makes me a little nuts I think.

I am praying hard that they do not get sick AGAIN. Please Please Please say a prayer for us too. Pretty Please?

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Kelly said...

LOL at all your tangents. Sounds like some of our conversations.
Here's to hoping the kids stay healthy after the party.

Hmmmmm....internet stalker anyone...