17 April 2008

Lots Of New Phrases and Words

There are some new words and phrases going on in our house.

Sweet Girl's new phrases include:
"holy crap!"
"what the heck?"
"sweet! baby!"

She'll be explaining something that happened at school, which usually involves some boy and ends the sentence with "what the heck?". It's really funny.

Now you're probably surprised by the lack of profanity in her new phrases. If you're not, I am. I've been dropping a lot of profanity lately, especially f bombs due to an extremely heinous project I am working on at work. I actually am afraid I'm offending one of the fellas at work with my language. And I think it's only because he's Mormon that I feel like I'm offending him. Oh well, I will clean it up at work. Or at least try...
But anyway this isn't really about my new phrases.

Little man, you know he doesn't say much. But he's added a couple words to his hopefully ever increasing vocabulary. These new words are:

snack (big shock here...it's about FOOD)
mine (this one is causing us some trouble between the two of them because up until now everything in the house has been Sweet Girl's and now he's starting to fight for his things, so there may be profanity out of her yet!)

Those are the words that are flying around our house!


Chrissy said...

I feel your pain! My 3 year old daughter has been known to let fly with a 'daddy you're pissin me off'! or a 'what the hell'? or even a 'sonofabitch'!

Yeah, I am still trying to not laugh when she says it, but its not working. lol

Kelly said...

Mine, Mine, Mine...I told M she sounded like the birds in Finding Nemo. =)