13 April 2008

Some Relief

No pink eye! YAY! It was probably due to 1. Little Man's dragon like fingernails scratching his eye, which I have since clipped must to his dissatisfaction and protest OR 2. Severe allergies, despite what you may think or may have heard Arizona is NOT the best place to come if you have allergies. It is, in fact, the worst. So I'm banking it was #2 that caused our potential pink eye scare. He's been rubbing his eyes daily, has the clear running nose, sneezing and there is a crapload of pollen all over the place. Unfortunately for us, there is no rain for us to wash it all away.

Sweet Girl has become quite fond of dressing herself and wants everything to match. However she must be living in opposite world because everything is FAR from matching. We just politely tell her it doesn't match to which she replies "Yes it does". Who wants to argue with a 3.5 year olds logic? Not me. At least not right now. So we just go out with some weirdo outfit and you know I really don't care because it got us out of the house without a fight and she feels like she has some sort of freedom.

Leo and I made good progress on cleaning out the garage. We are more then halfway to the point of parking in there! Looking forward to that.

Hopefully after a few days of 90 degree plus temperature the pool won't feel like an ice bath. The water is about 78 degrees. When I grew up in Michigan I think we were elated when the water got to 78! Now there is no way on earth I'll get into that water with my whole body, my feet are about all that make it. I'll have to wait until it's well into the 80's before I get in. And really it won't be too long!

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