28 April 2008

The Pool Is Open!

We had a nice weekend and spent some time on both Saturday and Sunday swimming in the pool. The water was above 80 and was still slightly cool mostly because it was 95 degrees plus outside. But after about 5 mins it was fine as you got used to it (or your body went numb however you want to look at it, just kidding it wasn't THAT cold).

Sweet Girl was into it right away. Swimming around using her noodle to swim and retrieve the duckie thermostat for Little Man who was obsessed with it.
We also had "Ecco" the gecko float. Sweet Girl picked this out and you ride on it and it has a handle to hold on to and stripes and spots. It's a cute little thing but she did fall off it and into the water. And if you ask her about this she will tell you she "Sank to the bottom of the pool". Which she did NOT sink to the bottom; before you start thinking I'm a neglectful pool parent, I was right there and she did not come anywhere close to the bottom.
Me: "You just fell in, you didn't sink to the bottom"
Sweet Girl: "Yes I did. YOU SAW ME" (now please read this as if she's saying "DUH MOMMY, DON'T BE A RETARD").
Me: "OK, but you were saved"
Sweet Girl "Yes".
This thankfully did not scare her away from Ecco the Gecko or the pool.

Little Man on the other hand did not initially like the water. He would not really even stand on the top step. I had to sit on the top step (which didn't even cover my thighs), and he HAD to sit on my lap, which means he wasn't even IN the water. Then I got him to sit by himself, big step! But by Sunday afternoon that kid was jumping blindly into the pool. We went from clinging to me, and only me, with the death grip to kicking his feet on his own and jumping in! He floats pretty good since he is a cute little chunky kid. And surprisingly he figured out how to kick his legs pretty fast. He was so proud of himself. He had a blast so I think his timid days are over!

Everyone had fun, we'll be out there a lot as the temperatures heat up some more. I will be happier when the water is warmer!
I see many happy times spending time outside and by the pool!

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