23 April 2008

Fun & Games

Sweet Girl has been exposed to so many new things at her new school. She can write her name and is learning new games. We are expected to play them nightly in our evening ritual of playing in the backyard before bath time.

The new games are:
Duck Duck Goose and Hot Potato

Our circle for Duck Duck Goose is rather small since it's really just Leo, Sweet Girl and me. Little Man doesn't sit, he just continuously runs around the backyard. So since the circle is so small I get dizzy as I walk around finding my goose. And when you pick Sweet Girl and you start running she doesn't run to catch up with you, so if you slow so she'll catch you she also slows down. This increases my dizziness as I am basically running in a bigger (but not much) circle then the duck circle. But we still play and it's a good time.

I am amazed daily at the things she learns and comes home talking about. Some are rather strange and I want to say "What the heck?" Sure keeps things interesting...

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