09 April 2008

So My Logic Was REALLY Wrong

Again I'll start out with two words: Pink Eye.

Although not confirmed yet it is certainly looking like it. So now we'll have to figure out how to quarantine Little Man and limit everyone else being affected. Highly unlikely if you ask me, we'll all get it I'm sure. Looking forward to that. Should be fun! Woohoo!

Fucking hell.


Anonymous said...

That sucks Danielle, sorry. Try to look at it this way, yes they have been sick alot but at least they are controlable/curable things. So there's that to be thankful for. Just jump the hurdle.

Anonymous said...

I second that "emotion" hmmmmm sounds like a song.

Basha's Mama said...

Adenoviruses - that's what's currently going around Kelly & I's daycare. http://www.answers.com/topic/adenovirus?cat=health
Sounds like a wonderful disease!