25 April 2008

The Exhibitionist and Dare Devil

I am thinking of renaming the kids codes names to something different. While Sweet Girl is very sweet and that is what I have called her since she was born, she is a complete exhibitionist. The kid loves to take her clothes off, and always has. I am sure some of you are thinking well she gets that from me since I have been known to take my clothes off. However I will remind you that I did this under the influence of a LOT of alcohol. And trust me this is NOT the case with Sweet Girl. She is not under influence of any sort of thing. Except maybe Toddlerhood. Up until recently she had been doing pretty good with keeping clothes on. However, we're now back to running around in no clothes except for her underwear phase, unless she's trying to get into the pool then she takes those off too. We don't want them to get wet you know... I don't really have a problem with her lack of clothing because we're at home, and thank goodness she hasn't refused to not wear clothes when we're going out. Although based on some of her outfit choices of late she would probably be better off with nothing on, it would match a little better.

Little Man is some sort of wicked dare devil. We have one of these lovely toys in the back yard, left over from the previous owner (this picture is a newer and nicer less faded model, but still the same general toy):

Yesterday he got up and stood on the saddle AND then attempted let go. He's bound to give me some level of heart attack. He also likes to stand on their play slide thing and wait for you to get close and then completely let go in hopes that you catch him. He's one crazy crazy kid.
He is always climbing on something and into everything.
I see many many ER visits in our future...but not for sickness anymore!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh I love our grandkids. Yhey all have the greatest personalities, sure makes life fun.
Love GaGa