21 April 2008

Even A Freshly Clean House Doesn't Stand A Chance Against Two Kids

Ah it was nice to walk into the house today, it was clean and straight since the cleaners came today. It was so nice and pretty. I enjoyed it for a full 10 mins. And it was a nice 10 mins. Then the kids wanted a snack which was peanut butter and crackers and a juice box. There goes the nice clean table, the decrumbed rug and clean tile surrounding table. Score one for the small ones on their never ending quest to cause havoc and mayhem in our house.

Next stop, Sweet Girls room. I was out in the living room paying bills on the PC (yet another thing I use the Internet for - finding friends and paying bills and for all you pervs out there, that's where most of my Internet surfing stops, we have DVDs for that...sorry wrong tangent again..jeez I might need some help for this...) and I hear them quietly playing...translated to I don't hear any fighting but hear talking so not total silence which can be a deadly deadly thing with two kids who like to get into trouble. So I didn't think anything of it. I do hear some racket though, now coming from the master bath which happens to be right behind the wall in the living room and I can hear they are throwing things or something into the tub. I'm about to get up when Sweet Girl rounds the corner. I ask her if Little Man is playing in the water and she say "No he fell in the tub. " Now I didn't hear anything that sounded like that. So I get up and go in there and Little Man is NOT in the tub but is playing in the water. We leave there and I get to Sweet Girls room where the contents of ALL her drawers are now in ONE giant pile in the middle of the floor.
Here is that conversation:
Me "Sweet Girl, what are you doing?"
Sweet Girl "Trying to find something beautiful but all these clothes are crazy"
Me "Crazy?"
Sweet Girl: "Yes momma look at them, they're crazy"
Me "Ok, let's put them away now"
Sweet Girl "My tummy hurts to put them away. You do it"
Me "No, you have to help"
Sweet Girl "My arm hurts I can't put them away"
Me "Well your arm didn't hurt when you pulled them all out so let's clean them up"

HA! I won, she helped me clean them up. She even learned how to fold her pajamas in the process.
And apparently all clothes from Target are crazy, just in case you were wondering. Watch out for those crazy clothes! I'm not really even quite sure what it means and I have yet to perfect learning to translate Toddler Logic. I do know it's a lot like Husband Logic just a little more rudimentary. They must inherit that from their Father's.

So clean for 10 mins and on it's way to losing the battle to stay clean for longer...But they did help clean up clean up their playroom before bath time, so maybe I need to work this a little better and get them to WANT to clean up a lot. Hmm...I'll need to think about how this will work with Toddler Logic.


Kelly said...

ROTFLMAO...my boss was looking at me like I'm nuts as I'm reading this. That was great and exactly how things go at our house with M. So glad those our two don't seem to be losing their connection now that they are so far apart.

Natalie said...

When you figure out how to make it last for more than 10 minutes WRITE A BOOK!! You'll make millions! :) I'll certainly buy a copy!