26 April 2008

Our New Toy

Leo and I are very excited to be proud owners of a new digital SLR camera! Yeah this baby takes 3 frames a second so no more missing that perfect moment while the point (and wait) and shoot camera focuses to take the picture.

It was a great deal at Costco, we got a bag, two lenses, photo software and of course the camera. And it had a nice rebate.

We are all set to get back in the swing of taking more pics of the kids and as I've promised so many people I will take pictures of the house and send them off!!

Our fast moving kids are no match for our new camera! Woohoo!


Euan said...

This blog is so much fun to read! I found it after searching for something to do with logic, so it's not like I'm some creepy stalker. Just, please keep it up, it made class somewhat bearable =D

You make domestic life seem so wonderful, even when you're grumpy and frustrated. Needless to say, it cheered me up.

Keep things strong with Leo, from what I've read he sounds like a great guy. Your kids are so adorable, too!

Danielle said...

euan -
Thank you for the compliments, keep reading! It's nice to know someone besides my family reads about our on going saga in the desert! :)
- Danielle