08 April 2008

My Logic Was Wrong

Two words: Sick again. My thoughts of warding off any new sickness failed. Well I guess if you want to get techincal I haven't really failed since our latest sickness is not really new. It's the puking one again. But it could be a DIFFERENT one so the failure possiblity is high.

I get to do my favorite things. Clean puke out of the car seat. YAY!

I thought we were over this. I mean seriously my kids have never been this sick and I think in the past two months we've been to the doctor more then in their years of life.

I have nothing positive to say. I'm going to stop writing now or you will be subjected to a bunch of nasty four letter words and extreme usage of F*bombs.


Anonymous said...

You are the unluckiest person alive.
That SUCKS. Who would have thought the desert would be so full of germs? maybe the heat has caused some freaky mutations and they are superviruses!

your sil

Chrissy said...

I am so sorry y'all have been sick so much since moving here! That sucks! Hope you all get to feeling better and stay healthy!