15 April 2008

Recycling We Are

Since moving to Chandler we've started recycling. We try to recycle as much as we can. The reason: they make it EASY to do it. We have ONE recycle can for everything. We throw it all in one place and then every Monday they come pick it up.
While living in Brentwood, we recycled to some extent but not nearly like we do here. Back in TN it was such a pain because you had to separate it and drop it off yourself. Too much trouble if you ask me and took a lot of effort. A lot of effort we didn't have to put into it.
I have never really been a big recycle person, sure I understand it's importance but it just wasn't a priority to me. But now that it has been made so easy and the effort is minimal, I make the effort to recycle all that we can.
I've become a pro searching for that little recycle symbol on stuff! Now I'm not to the point where I will pick stuff out of our trash if someone throws it in there but try to remember and look at everything I'm about to throw away.
I will say it is quite amazing the difference in our trash can now that we recycle more. We used to fill that garbage tote up to the max and overfill it on a regular week. Now we barely fill it up on a regular week.
It feels good to know you're making a difference. Now don't go expecting us to turn into sandal wearing, hybrid driving tree huggers or anything.
Nothing against you if you're wearing sandals, driving a hybrid or hugging a tree though, OK.


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That is great! We don't even get recycle bins her in Peoria at our apartment complex. They have just started the recycling program to residences in the city of Peoria, so hopefully it will come to apartments soon! That is great you are doing what you can and what fits your lifestyle!