01 May 2008

Only 6 More Sleeps!

Only 6 more sleeps until our first trip back to Nashville. Thanks to one of my bestest friends ever, it makes it easier to understand how long we have based on the number of times you go to sleep before you leave. Leave it to the South Africans, they're so damn smart. ;) Just in case you were wondering why I said the number of sleeps.

At this time next week we were hopefully successful wearing out two small people to hopefully sleep on the plane. I am trying to find something that will calm Little Man so he will sleep on the flight. We are set to arrive at 11:40 PM Nashville time on Thursday night. Which is only 9:40 Phoenix time so that was why I choose this flight. We are then just staying at a hotel right by the airport that night, thanks to our favorite cousin (who I might add we miss terribly. Him, his wife, and sweet baby are terribly missed as we hung out with them A LOT and now it just seems weird to not be able to call them to come over and hang out. The kids ADORED them and I am sad we miss out on their little one getting bigger. I keep trying to get them to move because I know they would like it...OK, sorry for a mushy tangent that time). So back to calming the Little Man, hopefully he'll be happy with his Elmo doll and books and he'll sleep nicely on the plane. Someone suggested a little whiskey in his sippy cup. While this sounds appealing, my luck is that will totally back fire and make him rambunctious instead. So I'll have a drunk AND rambunctious 2 year old on a PLANE... AT NIGHT...while others are trying to SLEEP. Not a good combo. But I thanked her for her suggestion and might give it a trial run...JUST KIDDING...because we don't have any whiskey we only have Scotch....AGAIN JUST KIDDING.

This was supposed to be a surprise visit for my mom for Mother's Day but after Leo and I talked a little bit I decided to tell her so she didn't' keel over dead when we just showed up on Friday afternoon. So we told her. I know Sweet Girl and Little Man are going to be ecstatic to see them and I will be happy for a small break!!

We are having a family/friend picnic on Saturday since we have so many people to see and no time really to drive around and see everyone. So we figured it would be best to do it all in one shot. I tried to explain to everyone that if they can make it great, but if they cannot that's OK too. It would be so silly if we got angry at someone for not being able to make it. It's not like this will be our last trip to Nashville. It will be nice to see everyone we can! We debated making a quick stop at Sweet Girls old school but I don't think it's a good idea. Plus her main squeeze from there will be at the picnic. She is THRILLED when we say that he is coming. It is so cute.

Things have been crazy busy for me at work so that is why there has not been a lot of posts. Hopefully I'll be back to daily posts next week!

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