19 May 2008

Gotta Wii?

I'm not a huge fan of game consoles. We have an Xbox 360 and I don't really like it. Leo does of course. But now we have a Wii too. Now this one I like. I first played it on New Years Eve this year when our good friends came over and brought it along with them. We had a great time that night and I enjoyed it. I think bowling is my favorite. If you're going to have a game console for kids this is the one to have.

So Leo and I had a bowling match on Saturday night. It's probably my favorite game. I love it, and sadly my butt was sore the next day. That's the good thing about the Wii, you have to MOVE to play it. We tried to play tennis, but I am not good at it and it just pissed me off so I told Leo to forget it, I wasn't playing that one.

We have Mii's for everyone in the family. And also have Gaga and Granddad Mii's too. I'm sure we'll have fun playing with it when they come to visit in July.


Craig said...

The first time I played Wii tennis with th kids, we played for lik 4 hours. The next day I coul barely lift my arm. We are getting Wii fit when it comes out.

Anonymous said...

We have an XBox 360 too, now I want a Wii.