21 May 2008

The Cold Front is Coming

Weird weather seems to follow us. We had record highs on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday it was 110! Wow! And really it's not THAT bad outside. But Friday the high is only supposed to be 71. 71 after 110 is COLD!! HA! AND it's supposed to rain. So while I am not complaining about that or the weather in general I just think it's funny. Because that sort of weirdo weather pattern happens in Tennessee and Michigan, my former residences. I didn't expect it here in the always hot and sunny desert!

I must say though I am disappointed that it will be that cool, because you know what that means? It means the pool water is going to cool off! I enjoyed the 89 degree water when I got in yesterday afternoon! So I'm torn, enjoy the rain and cool vs. a cool pool again! I guess I should enjoy the rain and cool since we probably won't have much more of that until Monsoon season really starts. And the pool water will heat up again, obviously since the temps will quickly go back to triple digits.

Yes I said monsoons! They really aren't as bad as it sounds. When I think of monsoons, I think of torrential rains and floods and just crazy ass weather. And from what I've been reading it can in fact be crazy ass weather. Take a look at some pictures and read more about out exciting weather coming this summer.


Anonymous said...

Our weather has been strange too. Mid 60's-70's as usual than all of a sudden in the 90's now back to normal. You know what that equals..A sick child. It is great fun.

Basha's Mama said...

Just wait until you see a wall of dust approaching your house. Then you'll see how fun monsoons are. :)