27 May 2008

Bye Bye Brown

I'm sure I mentioned that the former owners of our house here in AZ had some strange obsession with brown. Every room, with the exception of the kids rooms, is some shade of brown. It has been growing on my nerves every day because I am so tired of looking at brown, brown, brown, lighter brown, darker brown and more brown. It's GROSS and I hate it. I really can't tell you how much I hate it. So this weekend we walked around with our paint deck and found all new colors to replace the nasty brown. And hopefully soon we will start painting. As much as I would like to pay someone to paint for us I guess we'll do it on our own. I'm also lucky that my dad is an excellent painter and offered to paint some for us, I am not sure I can wait until July for him to get here. Do I think we'll have the whole house painted before he arrives, probably not so I'm sure he'll have something to do.

Another strange thing in this house is the size of the baseboards. They are so SMALL. It looks funny to me because the ceilings are so tall and they have these teeny tiny baseboards. It's funny how you don't notice all these things when you're looking at a house. Of course I will admit I didn't really pay that much attention to this house when we looked at it. While yes now I am pretty happy with it, it wasn't top on my list.

But soon I will have one less thing to dislike about it! The color will make a big difference! I can't wait and am ready to paint NOW!!!

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Kelly said...

Yay on new room colors! It really does make a difference in your moods. It should be all pretty by the time we get there. =)