26 May 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

Happy Memorial Day. First you should take a few moments to remember what Memorial Day is about.

Now you sure can't beat a three day weekend. I love a three day weekend. We had a pretty good weekend and did a lot of fun things. The weather was a little iffy on Saturday morning. It was rainy and cold, but by Saturday evening it was very pleasant out so we tried to figure out what to do so we could get the kids out of the house. We headed over to the San Tan Village which is an outside mall. They have a play area outside so we hoped it wasn't flooded and at least we could enjoy walking around. Well I had forgotten that they have a free concert every Saturday night and this weekend was an alternative and classic rock band. We ate and then headed out to enjoy the music. They weren't the best band but we had fun dancing with the kids and singing. Thus the blog title. Sweet Girl's new favorite song. She enjoyed the song so much she sang it all the way home. However she would leave out Home and just sing 'Sweet Alabama' but she had the melody right and it was funny. I guess she knows what part of the country she was born in and will always be home to her. I don't know that I can call her a Southerner. Of course with the way she says the word 'head' you would probably consider her such. Appparently the next morning she was still was still enjoying it so much so that she was belting it out at the grocery store as we were doing our shopping. Leo and I just laughed as this time she did include 'home' but this was all she sang. So we'll have to get the CD out and she can learn the rest of the song.

Little Man enjoyed the evening as well. He was scoping out all the little ladies hanging around us. He was quite enamored with this one little girl, and wouldn't stop looking at her. It was cute. He is quite a flirt. He also enjoyed flirting with the older ladies as well. Definitely the ladies man. I see a lot of trouble in our future with this one.
He liked to run around and would do some dancing every now and then. He also liked touring the American Eagle store right where we were.

Sunday we went to South Mountain and enjoyed a little hike through the foothills since the main road was closed to traffic. We were hoping to go all the way up and get some nice pictures of the city. But it was 'Silent Sunday' and cares were not allowed up the mountain on this Sunday. (figures). Sweet Girl likes to hike but Little Man not a fan. Of course he didn't have good shoes on and kept falling and getting spurs in is pants. I guess that would make for an uncomfortable walk. I can vouch for that because he would transfer those lovely spurs on to me when he requested I carry him for most of the walk. I guess I am surprised that he doesn't like it more since he loves being outside. I guess it's time to invest in some cute little hiking shoes. The only problem is his feet are so freaking fat. They are like a deck of cards. Little blocks. Maybe that's how he can walk in Sweet Girl's princess shoes better then she can! He has more stability.

Sunday evening we were the token white folks at one of the girls I work with. house. Her and her husband invited us over for dinner. We had a lot of fun and ate a lot of yummy Indian food and a really good time.
We ended our long weekend with some company this evening. It was nice to go out and have people over. They have twins that are a little older then Little Man. So they had fun too.

Now it's back to the grind tomorrow. Yay (not). I think every weekend should be 3 days. Although soon enough I could be having 7 day weekends as I search for a local job. Fun times Fun time.

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