14 May 2008

So Who Is Alice Anyway?

On Saturday night while we were in TN we got to go out with some friends to dinner and drinks afterward. It was fun and nice to be out without the kids. Aside from generally missing my parents just to hang out with, I also miss their baby sitting services. They are a lot cheaper then paying someone to do it and I know the kids will be well taken care of and plus the kids love them. Dinner was great and then we headed over to the Tin Roof in Cool Springs. They have a great patio and we enjoyed the patio until all the drunk folks from Steeplechase started showing up. I cannot believe they even served these people they were obviously BEYOND drunk. Now I will admit I am getting OLD. I wanted to leave. I had no desire to be surrounded by people THAT drunk and obnoxious. Thankfully it started raining and we headed to Dan McGuinness across the street.
An Irish like pub that has an Irish band and good seating. The first time I had been to this location was when I went out with my friends Kelly and Natalie as my going away evening. We had Kelly's husband, Sean, as our guide (read: chauffeur). I had a little too much to drink but I had a BLAST at this place. I, however, did not drink as much as my good friend Kelly. Did you know you can't sleep or even CLOSE your eyes at a bar? Yeah well you can't. I did have a blast anyway, mostly because of the company I was with and one song about Alice. I'll admit I know nothing about the song except the chorus. This song requires that everyone yell out the chorus which is "Alice. Who the fuck is Alice?". I mean what is more fun then screaming that out in a bar when you're pretty lit? Well I'm sure there are more fun things then that but remember I'm old and this was entertaining to me. I love to sing together because I cannot sing alone that's for sure. So I was anxious to hear it again when we went over there this time. It made my evening when I got to belt out "Alice. Who the fuck is Alice?" yet again on Saturday. This time I wasn't nearly as lit as before which didn't reduce the fun I had with it. I was with good company and that made it even more fun.

Now I don't know if they sing this song in a REAL Irish pub in Ireland but I sure would like to find out.

If you're wondering who Alice is, you can read about her here. If you're wondering why, you get to say "Alice. Who the Fuck is Alice?" in the bar read here.

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