13 May 2008

The First Trip Back to TN

Well we made our first trip back to Tennessee since moving to Arizona in February. It was strange being back there. I had a mixture of emotions with being there. Some points it felt like we never left. I realized that I really don't miss TN itself, I miss what is there and by that I mean my friends and other family besides my parents (they don't count b/c while yes I miss them right now, they'll be here in AZ soon). I miss being able to call up Chip and Hillary and say come over for dinner and I cannot tell you how many times since we moved I have almost said to Leo let's see what Chip and Hillary are doing. Or wanting to go somewhere with my friend Kelly and her Sweet Girl, who is my Sweet Girls' age, because it would be fun for us to do together. THAT is what I miss. And I do have some strange feeling of disappointment when I think about our house there, Leo was the one who said we would be there 10 years or more at first I was like no way, but then as we were there and settled I also believed that. But that didn't happen so it's a strange feeling when I see that house, the house we built and picked everything out for. The house we brought Little Man home to after he was born. We had a lot of good times in that house and I guess I am really sad that we left THE HOUSE, not really the city but the house itself. It may sound sad but really I guess I feel like we lost a piece of us when we moved. Sure we have a new house and we'll make it "ours" eventually but it's not the same I don't think.

But I digress. The trip was great, the kids had a great time seeing Gaga and Grand-dad and Doc and GiGi. They were happy with the attention my mom and dad give them. Leo and I dropped rank over the weekend while Gaga and Grand-dad were around. But that is OK, I enjoyed the break at least until Sweet Girl told me she didn't like me and only loved Gaga. But I didn't take it personal. I know she'll always come back to me!

We had a fun day at the park but sadly the little boy Sweet Girl was dying to see was not able to make it. Her little preschool love was not at the picnic. She didn't say anything about it all weekend so we didn't bring it up. I knew Friday night he wasn't going to be there but didn't say anything to her. It was sort of sad and I felt bad because she kept saying she was going to see "all her old friends" but only a couple of them were able to make it. But she had fun anyway so that is all that matters.

They did great on the plane ride from Phoenix to Nashville and did even better on the flight from Nashville back to Phoenix despite the 2 hour delay and the late hour we arrived. Little Man slept the whole flight despite the chatty Cathies that were sitting behind us. And to make it worse it was one of their birthdays and they got free drinks and a gift. They were an interesting pair.

Sweet Girl made some cute random comments over the weekend, one that really sticks out as she was trying to get something away from Little Man she says to my mom. "Give it to me, I'm the good one". Implying she was the better child then Little Man. It was sort of funny.

I know there are more but right now I'm tired from the late arrival and feeling crappy because me and the TN weather didn't really get along. My sinuses' were not happy with the weather change. Ugh and the cold medicine is kicking in and I want to lie down because it looks like the monitors are swaying!
More later.


Kelly said...

oh, oh, oh I got an honerable mention I'm so excited. =) You know I miss you terribly for the same reasons. Can't wait to come out and visit. Hopefully my plane rides will be as uneventful as yours.

Anonymous said...

Ah it's not the houses that matter most but the people that go in them :)
Glad you had fun in the ole Lburg.

Natalie said...

I'm glad you guys got to come by! It was good to see you!! Hope you enjoyed the Steepleboch!
Miss you guys!!!