30 May 2008


Well all I can say is Thank God it's Friday. What a long week even though we had a long weekend. I have been a single parent since Wednesday and waiting to hear back about whether or not I'll be working next week. Leo went to FL for work, he was probably happy to get away and I don't blame him. But he's coming home tonight and Sweet Girl will be happy. She keeps asking me if he's home yet. I want to say to her 'Ah do you see him around here?' but I keep it nice and say 'Not yet sweetie, he'll be home Friday'. She just replies OK. I have done fine with the both of them by myself. The house isn't a disaster, I actually made dinner two nights in a row and they are both still living. I will admit I do not like getting them ready for school in the morning. I feel like I am completely time constrained and I get antsy when they are not dressed or eating slow or whatever and it's getting close to leaving time. But we did it without too many little arguments mostly over what Sweet Girl will wear.

We even went for ice cream last night! I should be supermom now.. ha ha ha...not. It was a nice time and I met one of the moms from a message board I hadn't met before. She was very nice and Sweet Girl enjoyed playing with her son. After enjoying their ice cream the kids enjoyed running around the ramp and planters outside of the movie theater. Yes I let my kid run around the outside area in front of the entry to the movie theater. They were always in view and it wasn't busy but I am sure there was a Santctiparent out there that complained of their behavior (and I really don't care because they were not causing trouble or getting in anyones way). They were having fun and burning off that ice cream! We did have to leave shortly after that since Little Man found a water puddle from a leak in the drip system for the giant planters around there. So he sat in it. That wasn't the best part even, the best part was when he decided he was going to try to do push ups in it as well. So I see him and he's now LAYING in nasty probably reclaimed drinking water that is just GROSS. I go get him and he keeps saying 'Wet. Wet Wet'. Really? You're wet? Didn't notice. I love carrying a wet kid. It's so nice to get my clothes wet too. At least I wasn't wearing white.

So Little Man rides home naked, well with a diaper on, in his car seat. He finds this quite exciting and keeps slapping his chest. Lord that kid is weird.

I asked Sweet Girl if she had fun playing with the little boy. She told me yes and then is going on and on about what they did when they were running around. And then she pauses and says:
"And he tried to kiss me" She was completely serious and said it with a straight face.
I replied with "Oh Really?"
She gets this look and says "Yeah"
It was pretty funny. When I tell this story to Leo his reply "Jesus Christ she's not even four".

Oh Yes, not even four and already talking about kissing boys. Boy do we have a long long road ahead of us....

And I do still have a job at least for a few more weeks. But the job search is still on.

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Kelly said...

LOL...I see Sean and Leonard having many conversations about our girls and how to handle the boys that try to infiltrate their lives. What do you think?