02 June 2008

Not As Flexible As I Used to Be...

We had a good weekend, the weather was warm so we did a lot of swimming. I just love the pool. I love that we can just go to our back yard and enjoy the water and get in and out when we want and eat dinner and go back in all without having to drive anywhere. Or dealing with someone else's annoying kids. It's just nice.

This weekend the kids got new goggles. Sweet Girl has been putting on sunglasses and calling them "goggles"(I can tell I haven't written about "goggles" in a long time because I keep typing "googles"... and now you know my search engine preference). So Leo went and got her some real goggles. She was a little apprehensive at first. But after seeing Leo and I wear them she was wanted to wear them. Now I will mention that these goggles are YOUTH goggles. Thus not made to fit adult heads or eyes so you can imagine the site of Leo and I as we put these things on. They fit around our heads fine, even Leo's. It was the eye parts that were a little small. But it was fun to swim under water and be able to open my eyes.

Sweet Girl then kept hers on and then kept wanting to go underwater. So we spent a lot of time underwater. It was fun.

The Leo stood on his hands. The kids weren't too excited by that. So I told him to do a forward roll (or somersault) and he did. I asked him if he could go backwards and he did.
So then I tried. BIG MISTAKE. Holy Christ, I thought I wouldn't be able to walk after getting out of the pool. OMG, my muscles haven't stretched like that in probably 25 years I guess. Yeah not doing that again. I think I have to take up Yoga or something now. I couldn't believe it. It is very sad. SAD SAD SAD.
Also my nose doesn't do quite as good as it used to either. I used to be able to swim without holding my nose. Now I still can but water seems to sneak in a little easier. Jeez I swear.

I'll have to start working on these things or I'll hate that damn pool by the end of summer.

Oh and I went and got Leo and I our own goggles! Adult sized ones! Woohoo.


Anonymous said...

Gosh that sure does bring back memories, some of the best I might add. Only sorry we didn't take you girls for swimming lessons.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

ok now have you and Leo had any night time swims when the kiddies are sleeping wink wink know what I mean?????