04 June 2008

Books That Shouldn't Be Pop-Up

Sweet Girl has a plethora of books. We have books in pretty much every room of the house, we have them in the car, and even in the backyard. We are not lacking any books in our house. Little Man is even into reading them now. Sweet Girl will sit for hours and read her books. It's very sweet and I am glad she has this love of books.

She generally goes to be with a library at the foot of her bed and lord forbid you try to take them off the bed. She is very attached to them. Little Man is becoming the same way. He will sleep with his books in his crib as well. I am in no way complaining about this, it makes me quite happy that they are such avid readers. It's unfortunate that Arizona does not offer the Books From Birth program like Tennessee does. We would get a free book each month for the kids until they turned 5. What a great program it is.

In addition to reading books through out the day, we also read books every night before bed. Sweet Girl goes and picks out the books she wants to read and away we go. So last night she picks out two books - Jesus and David. I certainly don't mind reading religious books, we have a couple Bible books we read and they are quite enjoyable. But I do find it annoying that they have made religious pop-up books. I think this is just wrong. Seriously WHY? I would much rather them spent more time on the text in these two books because it wasn't all that great. Can you imagine trying to fit Jesus' entire life into a 4 page book? Obviously it was a little disjointed and add in trying to make it rhyme and they were just poorly written. Then add in that the books were given to toddlers so we had some heads and bodies missing thanks to them being a "pop-up", which is completely enticing to a kid when they open it up and right there in front of them is something they can touch. Oh and touch it they do, touch it and rip it right off the page. So the angel that should have been present at Jesus' birth suffered this fate, she was missing and it was a sad little empty hole.

I don't ever want to throw a book away but these might have to make file 13 or be hidden somewhere in the depths of the playroom that doesn't get touched very often!!!


Basha's Mama said...

I have hidden all pop up books as well so they wouldn't be torn to pieces. Now when Sami sees a book that has been repaired he says "I don't tear the book!" Does this knowledge actually stop him from tearing? Hasn't yet.

Anonymous said...

I will say that is why in Audrey's eyes GaGa could fix ANYTHING with tape. It started out with a missing head, then body etc, so needless to say I LOVE pop-up books.
Love Mom