24 June 2008

Sweet Girl

So as Sweet Girl gets older she is obviously getting wiser and much more manipulative. I guess she gets this from her mother (unfortunately), who is pretty good at being manipulative. Thankfully she hasn't gotten her mother's sarcasm at least not yet. I am sure it's coming sooner rather then later.

She sure has a lot of "pains" when it's time to help out or when she's told to do something. Here are some of them:

My arm hurts to do it.
My toe hurts, I can't go get my such and such (this is my personal favorite, your TOE hurts? Maybe I'll try this one sometime. I'm sorry Leo I can't make dinner because my toe hurts. Of course this will require that I actually make dinner on a regular basis and we all know THAT doesn't happen...maybe I'll have to come up with situation to use that excuse.).
My tummy hurts I can't eat. (but offer that kid some ice cream and she'll eat it in a second)
My leg hurts (she'll use this one A LOT to the point we took her to the doctor because of it, subjected her to x-rays and blood work even that all came back normal...go figure). Speaking of her blood work, she told me the other day, as she was looking at her arm, that she didn't' have any more holes.
I say Holes from what?
Audrey: Holes from getting my blood drawn
Me: Nope they are all gone.

She is a funny little thing. She also has some odd observations, but right now I can't think of them. I even say to myself oh that would make a great blog post and now I forget them. I need to start making notes or something. And she still thinks that just because two colors are the same she has to wear them together. Hopefully she'll get out of that phase or we'll some some strange monochromatic dresser. And that's just weird.

As I mentioned in a previous post she now will not pee in any toilet that automatically flushes or even remotely LOOKS like it does but that kid will pee in the grass or rocks when we're outside swimming and she has to go. I just don't get this one, I personally would much rather sit on a automatic flushing toilet then tempt fate and fall bare assed on a bunch of hot rocks. But hey what do I know, eh?

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Anonymous said...

You know it's funny when you observe these things as a parent, but as a grandparent these things just make your heart swell, I actually cried when I read your blog sad that we aren't there right this instant, but soooooooo damn happy we'll be there soon. I never ever ever ever want us to be long distant grandparents. So glad we will see ALL the grand kids soon.