10 June 2008

Puke and a Sliver

We have safely arrived at our beach destination and have been enjoying the nice weather and beach. The water has been much better then we thought, warm but still nasty color so you can't see the bottom when you walk 2 inches in, but hey it's the beach and it's not work or our usual routine so who really cares.

The plane rides were uneventful and they were very good on both flights. Thankfully. Yay!!

By Monday though, we had already experienced a puking Little Man and a giant sliver in Sweet Girls foot. What else would you expect with a vacation of ours??? For it to go smoothly all week?? HA NO! Little Man was pretty clingy on Sunday, possibly due to the flights and wasn't eating very much and didn't get a good nap. I guess Monday morning round about 3AM he throws up and starts crying, I get him up he throws up two more times in the sink while Leo is changing his sheets, then goes back to sleep and is fine the next day. Strange. Maybe that is why he wasn't too thrilled with the water on the beach on Sunday. He didn't want to have anything to do with it. He didn't want to play in the sand or anything. However by today, Tuesday, he was very much in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the beach. He played in the sand and surf and had a ball. He loved laying there in the surf and trying to get as much sand as possible on his body and down his pants. It is such fun watching them run around on the beach.

Sweet girl was limping on Sunday and I thought maybe from running on the beach. Well Monday morning Leo is looking at her foot and there it is. The sliver. A huge ass piece of wood from the porch. Ugh. And there was no way she would let you touch her foot. We tried to get it out but no luck and you would have thought we were killing her when we were just trying to look at it. But she is high drama so not surprising. Thankfully we have two nurses who helped us, extract that piece of wood, took some tweezers and a needle, lots of alcohol clothes and iodine wipes. But she was good as gold this morning. During this procedure she kept screaming she wanted to go back to Arizona. It was so difficult to hold her down. She gets like super human strength. But alas we are now sliverless and she will never go without shoes on the porch again.
Sweet Girl LOVES the beach, she likes jumping waves with Leo and just like running around the beach and playing in the sand.

It is nice so far. Tonight we are going to go listen to bluegrass at the park by the pier. Tomorrow we're going on a haunted lighthouse tour. And then ugh it will be soon to go back home. I'm trying not to think about that though...


kelly said...

YAY, glad you uys are having a good time regardless.

Basha's Mama said...

Have you ever tried to put eye or ear drops in? It's equally as fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey next time you get a sliver if it is not so big try putting neosporin and wrap it with a bandaid yes a regular bandaid and it will just fall out the next morning. I was skeptical but it really works. S :)