20 June 2008

Finally Another Friday

Boy I sure am glad it's Friday. The week back to work after vacation always sucks ass and this week was especially difficult. We have not had a normal evening all week, this will be the first evening that we will all be together. The first two nights, Leo was out of town on business, Wednesday I went out to dinner with a friend, last night Leo had a work dinner so tonight finally we'll have a normal evening. And aside from my one dinner out with a friend we actually ate at home the entire week. A majority of the days we ate grilled cheese in shapes cut out by cookie cutters. Sweet Girl LOVED these little sandwiches so kept requesting them. After the second night I was kind of over them but she was eating and thus making our evenings much more pleasant so I obliged. The meal was also accompanied by grapes and some chips.

I am glad this week is over. I want a regular night and am really glad it's the weekend, although we will probably go pick out some paint colors so we can get started on that fun.

I hope everyone has a good weekend as well!

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