06 June 2008

Finally...A Vacation

Well my friends I am going on vacation. Yes it's been pretty much two years since our last actual vacation. It's been like two hell for a lot of that time. Leo did make the right decision when he left the spawn of satan company but it left us on one income and he struggled to find a job in TN. Obviously all things happen for a reason and now we are in a position that is pretty much 1000 times better but as with all things change related you have to go down before you can come up. And down we went!

The last time we went on vacation was right after Little Man was born and we headed to Destin. Sweet Girl had fun in the sand and enjoyed the beach and pool. Now we'll get to see how Little Man likes sand. He didn't do much on the last trip but sit in the stroller on the beach since he was so little. I'm sure he'll like sand, it makes a huge mess. Something he always enjoys.
We were going to go to Chicago last Thanksgiving for a vacation but family asked us instead to visit them since we were moving. I was reluctant because I really really wanted and needed time away but going to visit family was probably the better decision. But now we're going on an actual vacation! WOOHOO!! It should be an interesting week as we enjoy spending time on the beach and catching up with Leo's family (on his Mom's side). There will be plenty of kids Sweet Girls age so I'm sure she'll have fun playing on the beach with all her cousins.

Our long ass flight leaves tomorrow at 1:10 and we arrive at the airport in Jacksonville at 9:30. The real fun part will be the 37 minute layover we have in Atlanta to change planes. Hopefully we'll have a nice tail wind and get in a little early. And that will allow the kids to burn off some energy.

Ah I can't wait to just relax and sit on the beach. I'll try to keep posting daily, but that is only if there is a moron living around the beach house who left their wireless network unlocked!


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I hope you guys have a wonderful, relaxing time. Take pictures of the kids at the beach, I can't wait to see them.

Sherry B :) said...

Hope you have a great time we just got back from DEstin and it is beautiful there. Have fun..