19 June 2008

Little Man

Little Man is going through the language and personality explosion. He is saying many more words (which makes me happy) and really getting a cute sweet personality. He is such a giver and such a mommas boy.

Some of his new words are:
go away (i love this one...)
sit down
jute (juice)
hold me
night night
itsy bitsy spider
Watch TV (bad bad parents we are...)

And there are a lot of other ones that I cannot think of right now. And there are words he's saying and I still have no idea what they are and I'll answer and then he gives me this look like 'what the hell kind of reply was that to what I asked' or sometimes I just tell him I don't understand what you're saying.

I was just looking at him in his crib this morning and he was stretched out and wow he is getting big. He's so long and getting leaner now. But he's taking up a lot of crib space, so we've been thinking about moving him to a big boy bed. When Sweet Girl was his current age she had already been in a big girl bed for almost 6 months. I guess I was just afraid to move him because he wasn't communicating all that well. And because after the crib is taken down, chances are it's not going back up ever again in our house. And that is just sort of sad to me. But it will finally allow me to get the bed I've been lusting after in Pottery Barn Kids. I LOVE this bed for some reason and he just has to have it. It will probably take up most of his room since they are so small, but it will sure be cool. It's a twin over full bunk bed. And since he likes to lay under tables and in the closet (I don't know why) we figured it would be like a little cave for him. Maybe it will increase his chances of staying in his room at night!

Two weeks from tomorrow Little Man will be two. It's flown by and seems almost impossible that he is that big. It feels like just yesterday I had him and we brought him home. Now he's going to be 2. Ugh where is the time going!!


Basha's Mama said...

WHAT!? 2! Good grief here I am thinking he's still like 13-14 months old. It does seem just like yesterday that you were going into labor at Target. :)

Kelly said...

Awww,I know exactly how you feel. You know I'm in the same boat as you just 2months behind. I'm also pondering the whole when to move A out of her crib. You go first and let me know how it goes. =)

Anonymous said...

Yes the time does indeed go by fast we were just looking at Audrey's first birthday & Olivia's first birthday, so love love love love love them, cause before you know it your're planning a wedding.
Love Mom

Natalie said...

Glad to hear he is talking so much more! Does this mean I still have 8 more months of all the many inflections of "ah" and "eh" before T starts using real words?