30 June 2008

Monday Monday

I am sort of glad it's Monday and the weekend is over. Don't count on me saying THAT very often.
The weekend started with a green pool, that turned normal by Sunday. This required a call to different pool people to come and clean the filters inside the filter. They were gross according to Leo. The fact we called someone besides our normal pool people that come weekly to clean it just pissed me off. I was so irritated with those people, I mean why wouldn't they have mentioned something like 'Hey you're pool is looking a little green, you might want to clean the filters', I guess that was too much and SHAME on me for expecting service from a business. Stupid Stupid me.
The weekend also started out with a green Danielle, OMG the lunch I had on Friday literally kicked my ass. And I have to say I don't know why my kids ever cried when you put A&D on their butt. It surely felt damn good on mine. So that kind of put a whole damper on the weekend for me because I just didn't feel right all weekend.
We did get a baby sitter (big step) and went out to lunch with one of Leo's co-workers and his wife, whose name is also Danielle and she even shares the same b'day as me. Strange. Then they came over and enjoyed some time in the no longer green pool.

The kids start swim lessons today. That should be fun. Although Sweet Girl is perfecting her underwater swimming and is becoming really good. Little Man will retrieve dive sticks from the step and sticks his head underwater to get them. He will NOT wear goggles at all though. It's so weird. My kids are weird.

Back to work now. Maybe things will feel more normal for me tomorrow. I am not enjoying how I feel today.

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