01 July 2008

Swim School

The first swim lessons were OK. Sweet Girl did great and seemed to enjoy her class. Little Man didn't do as great. Little Man and I were in the parent/toddler class. Everyone else is in the pool and singing their songs and practicing their floating and Little Man and I are sitting on the steps of the pool. He REFUSED to go anywhere past the step and screamed when I got him into the water. A huge difference from at home. He did finally get into the water when enticed by a toy. And as soon as he realized he was away from the step he started screaming again. It was really fun. He stopped screaming when he realized he could go down the little play slide they had. He was OK with that for a while and then screamed some more when we had to leave. I'm not really sure how much Little Man will get out of it.

As we were getting ready to leave the pool, both kids are now crying and carrying on about who knows what. Waiting until AFTER the lesson to eat dinner is not a wise choice and will be following a different plan today.

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