14 July 2008

Rain = A Good Weekend

We had a nice weekend. I went bowling with some other moms and it was fun. We had some friends over on Sunday for dinner and to swim. At about 3:00 I look out and it looks a little dark. Dark blue clouds (I will admit my heart jumped with love at the sight of those clouds) coming from the south. I figured it probably would just blow over. The guests arrive and we are sitting outside enjoying the company and the winds pick up and the breeze is cooler (oh I was loving that) and it starts to thunder. So no swimming yet, because as you know where there is thunder there is also lightening. Then it starts raining and rains pretty good for a short while and then drops off to a light sprinkle.
It was very nice. Two things I've missed, dark grey rain clouds WITH rain and having people over.
Sweet Girl had fun playing with the little boy that was her age and Little Man had fun playing with the boys his age.

And tonight Gaga and Gran-dad arrive!! YAY!! They arrive pretty late and will probably be back at our house by about midnight. Hopefully they sleep on the plane because I am SURE Sweet Girl will be up at the ass crack of dawn and harassing them in their bed. We are also looking forward to their visit. I do enjoy hanging out with my parents so I am happy to have them back for a while.

Tomorrow we're all staying home to hang out and swim. It will be fun. Sweet Girl can show off her swimming skills and Little Man will hopefully show off how he can jump in. Lots of fun to be had while they are here!!

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