23 July 2008

Running Out of Topics

I am having writers block. I am running out of topics. I think I'm trying to hard to be creative and it's backfiring on me. I am trying to make the blog better and improve my writing since I enjoy it so much. I even joined a community just for blogging ladies, called BlogHer. Maybe it will help me find inspiration.
You wouldn't think with my luck and my children I would have this problem. But I am. I'm not sure what to post today.

I'll think about it and post some more later.

If you have something you want to hear about, leave a comment. I'll even share my opinion on anything, but I'm not sure about going into the political realm so I'll keep those posts to an absolute minimum.

I love comments you know. I know there are people reading I can see it on my blog stats, but you all turned into lurkers! What the hell is up with that? I am a bit of a comment freak, I love to get and read comments. I might develop some sort of issue if you don't start posting some comments.


Anonymous said...

how about blogging how it's been with your family there, isn't your sister and her family there?? How's it going would love to hear about that.

Basha's Mama said...

And what's up with the exercising?