07 July 2008

The Big Fireworks

Our day at the resort was pretty fun. Leo and I drank fruity drinks delivered to us by someone else as we lounged in the pool. The pool that was not too refreshing because the water was so warm but alas it was not our house and we were our of our routine. The kids were enjoying it and having fun. They especially (and I have to admit I loved it too) enjoyed the water slide. Little Man really liked it and Sweet Girl requested to go down over and over. It wasn't a long one but it was pretty fun. I think they would like a water park. I love a water park myself. The best thing about it was the water in that pool was actually cooler since it was being recirculated so much.
After a few hours at the pool we headed up to the room to get ready for dinner and s'mores on the pit. Sweet Girl was really looking forward to the s'mores and we saw them getting ready for them as we headed to the buffet. Well the buffet was not that great as they were running out of food. Luckily we got a corn dog for the kids before they ran out. And fruit. So at least the kids were eating which was a good thing.
Then we headed off to the s'more pit only to find out that they were also out of s'mores and thus had closed up shop. NOT GOOD as Sweet Girl has a complete meltdown about wanting a s'more and rightfully so as we talked it up about how much fun it would be (rookie parent mistake there...we should have KNOWN better!!). So we headed to the room where we waited for the fireworks to start. We were lucky to have the luxury of watching them from our balcony. While we waited we could watch four other firework shows going on in the distance around the valley. It was pretty cool. After the fireworks started Little Man was hilarious. He said "ohhhhhhhh", "woooooowwwowowowo" and "looooook" after each one. He was quite entertained. As I said we were lucky to be in our room because no less then 10 minutes after the show ended was Sweet Girl asleep. Little Man was right behind her, but of course it was about 2.5 hours past their bed time.
The worst part of the outing was that Leo and I only got probably 2 hours of sleep as Sweet Girl coughed all night long even after a dosing of cough meds. She then got a wicked fever which resulted in some chills that shook the entire bed. I finally was able to calm her down after holding her and wrapping her in TWO blankets. Overall the time at the resort was very nice and we had fun and I would do it again, but the one thing I'll change is I'll get two double beds instead of one king. That way Sweet Girl can thrash around her own bed without kicking me or punching Leo.
We headed home early and enjoyed a nap at home and some fun times in our pool. The rest of the weekend was enjoyable as well.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, glad a good time was had by all. Cannot wait to see everyone!! Getting our suites ready :)