25 July 2008


I am an exercise slacker this week. I haven't done my cardio like I should have but I did meet with my trainer both days. I had a rough couple workouts with the first one this week almost leaving me puking on the floor of the gym. It sucked. Thursday was better until I got in the car when I thought I was going to die. I cannot stand to feel nauseous.
So today while I should be going in to do cardio I'm not. I'm playing the total slacker card.

Next week, I'll be back into my groove.

Before this little slacker slump I had been doing very good. I enjoy the trainer dude, he's very nice and encouraging. And he pushes me much harder then I would push myself so that's what I need. I enjoy the feeling the next day of being sore but not too sore. He is a lover of squats which I guess is fine since I do need to get rid of the jiggly thigh fat I have. So I have grown to love squats too, even though I may tell you how much I hate them if I've done a shitload of them for a workout.

I am glad it's Friday.

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Natalie said...

To help keep you accountable, I must send 30 lashes your way! No slacking! You can't slack when I went to do cardio 5x even when my trainer was on vacation for Pete's sake.