08 July 2008

Oh The Torture

I went to the gym today. I met with the torture master and did enough squats for all of mankind. But alas lots of pain = no more jello legs. Right?? I'm telling myself that anyway.
I also did a lot of triceps work, the last time I attempted this I couldn't lift my arms past a 90 degree angle at my elbow. This made washing my hair quite difficult. I hope I do not suffer this same issue tomorrow.
Right now my issue I believe is going to walking like I'm normal and not afflicted with some sort of weirdo ailment or being accused of making fun of someone who has one for real.

So will I go back again, you bet your ass. And I'll bet my ass too because I imagine that's a bigger bet. But not for long!

1 comment:

Basha's Mama said...

As I say to myself - I'm literally working my ass off.

My first week back to the gym reminded me of my last few weeks of pregnancy as far as how I was walking around afterward. Who knew the waddle would come back so easily?