21 July 2008

Drywall Boob

There is a leak in the ceiling. Yes a leaky ceiling in your family room is a great thing. When we came home from our date on Friday night I was sitting in the family room and kept hearing this noise (remember I said I have some weird issue with noises?), I thought it was the fan making a noise and was annoyed and then I kept hearing it and so I finally looked at the ceiling and it had developed a single boob. And it was dripping, that was the noise I was hearing. So I get out a pitcher to catch the water and surrounded it by towels since it looked like it was going to explode at any moment. I kept trying to get Leo to break the boob, he likes feeling them up so why not feel and caress the one hanging from the ceiling, but he wouldn't do it. It is a good thing I did call for someone to come and investigate the ceiling leak earlier that day and they were set to arrive on Saturday morning.

After Leo goes outside for a bit, he comes back in and gets the light changer thingie and breaks the boob. And a big swoosh of water comes from it. And now the torn piece of ceiling boob is all in pieces on the floor and it's still dripping.

Saturday morning rolls around and the guy shows up and goes up into the attic and comes down and says "well your drip pan is about 10 inches too short, but I'm plumber and we'll have to have the air conditioning guy come out so the office will call you in about 10 mins to make an appointment."
3 hours later - no call (not that I am surprised since so many places are such sorely lacking in customer service, but that is another post for another time). I called them. Now they will be out on Sunday.
By Sunday afternoon, it's dripped enough to make the dry wall tape hanging down, it is so sexy looking. It is completely classy. I'm thinking maybe to just leave it like that.
They were supposed to be here between 1-4 on Sunday. At 3:45, I get a call to explain my problem again (are you SERIOUS) and then a return calls shortly after to say they do not have the drip pan so we'll have to wait until Monday morning first thing.
What the hell is going to happen I'm thinking maybe the air using will come crashing through the attic floor. Wouldn't THAT be cool.
Leo actually went up there and said it had probably been leaking for the 6 years (when the house was built), it had eaten through a piece of particle board. Leo put a pitcher right by the leak (why the plumber didn't suggest this as an alternative solution until the new drip pan got there is beyond us...). Thankfully Leo didn't come through the floor. And WHY wasn't this found in the inspection? What else could have been missed. OMG at that thought.
So as I this writing they are still not here yet.
Oh the joys of home ownership. Hopefully we haven't moved into the money pit...

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