11 July 2008

It's Actually Raining

They said it might rain, but I figured it would be like when they forecasted snow in Tennessee. It never happened. But yesterday afternoon it was really nice and cloudy. Oh it made me so happy to see clouds and potential rain and a nice drop in temperature into the low 90's. And sure enough at about 9:30 it starts raining and it wasn't just the 2 minute rain we've seen it was still raining this morning when I got up at 6! I was so excited and happy to see dark clouds when I looked out the window. Oh how I miss days like this. Don't get me wrong the sun is nice, but a good cloudy day is great. It, however, makes me long for fall. And not the fall we'll have here in Arizona.

Apparently all this rain has caused chaos in the Valley (sound familiar with snow in TN???), there is flooding all over the place. And of course they have to do the continuous warnings to not drive down flooded roads and washes. This is such a problem here, that they have the Stupid Driver Law. I love that, if you get stuck because you drove onto a flooded road you have to pay for the rescue AND a $2000 fine. That is awesome.
It even closed the airport for a while!
Gotta love the rain! Check it out.

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