28 July 2008

It's Amazing What A Hotel Can Do

Why is it that when my children cross the threshold of a hotel room they turn into crazy ass banshees who act like they were just let out of the zoo? We went to Tucson this weekend and obviously stayed in a hotel. We get into the room and magically my children are transformed into some sort of deviant nutcase. Little Man is wrecking havoc on the telephones, Sweet Girl is going around and around in the desk chair. They are loud and yelling. And I am continuously saying, stop it, don't do that, put the phone down, don't put the phone in the drawer, stop calling the front desk, don't call another room, etc etc. You get the idea. It wasn't all that relaxing, but then again not much is these days really if both kids are around... And awake...

And also WHY is it that Sweet Girl coughs all night when we sleep in a hotel? I think the only person that got a good nights sleep was Little Man. I slept with Sweet Girl (we were wise this time and got two double beds instead of one king) because every time I would go back to the other bed she would come over. So I got to endure sleeping with her coughing in my face and throwing her legs all over my legs, pushing her head into my back when she decided to sleep perpendicular to me.
Overall it was a good trip and we had fun.

We went to Tombstone and saw a lot of old history and people dressed up like Wyatt Earp. It was cool.
Sunday morning we went to the Pima Air Museum and saw all kinds of fun planes. The kids enjoyed that.
This weekend we're going to Flagstaff and I am really looking forward to this trip. Helloooo cooler weather!!! YAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes it was a great time, we throughly enjoyed it, of course any time spent with family is a good time. I hope you get more visitors to this amazing state cause there sure are lots and lots of interesting things to see and do, we love it. In fact this morning we saw road runners (yes they really are real) running along your wall chasing lizards.
Love mom

Basha's Mama said...

From a former Flagstaffian (Flagstaffite?) - If you want to eat a good micro-brewery go to Beaver St Grill (on Beaver St. just south of the downtown area). It can be really busy on weekends so go early but it has a great atmosphere, good beer, and good food. Snowbowl has a fun chair lift that takes you up to the top of the mountain in the summer but it can be cold and windy at the top so take jackets. I'm trying to think of fun things to do with kids but I was there as a college student so I can only tell you where to go to drink. :)

Chrissy said...

I haven't been to Tucson in years, sounds like you had a good time though, minus the hotel part! lol

And have a blast in Flag!! I love going up north in the summer its so damn hot down here that even a 10-15 degrees cooler is like heaven!