16 July 2008

100 Things You Maybe Didn't Know...

As I've been reading other blogs and becoming hip to the blogging world, I learned that on your 100th post you're supposed to post 100 things about yourself. Well officially this is post 102 so I'm a little slow on the uptake but not too much.
So here you go, you can now increase your useless knowledge count by 100 (that is if you actually REMEMBER any of the things you are or are not about to read).
Here you go. Enjoy and learn something new...

1. I’m a mother of two.
2. I love my kids more then anything in the world even when they get on my nerves.
3. I’ve been married for 12 years in November.
4. I still love my husband, actually more now then when we got married.
5. I’m a Scorpio and pretty true to my sign traits.
6. I love the smell of scotch tape.
7. I’m 32.
8. I have a strange obsession with the United Kingdom.
9. I do not like being around people who think they are better then everyone else.
10. I hate my thighs.
11. I grew up in Detroit, MI.
12. I love snow and rain.
13. My favorite season is Fall.
14. My favorite color is Red.
15. I like to only write with pens that have a cap.
16. I prefer blue pens over any other color.
17. I am horrible with following through on anything I start.
18. I’m working on #17.
19. I like the people I work with, but I really don’t like my job.
20. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
21. I love wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
22. I love flip flops.
23. I graduated college when I was 28 and pregnant with my first child.
24. I am extremely loyal.
25. I prefer my coke to be from a fountain.
26. I miss all my friends in Tennessee.
27. I have one sister who lives in CA.
28. My biggest fears are being left somewhere alone, drowning, and fires.
29. I have strange issues with noises, such as the dishwasher and hearing people chew or suck on their food.
30. I love having my parents around.
31. I pick at my nails and bite them.
32. I wish I didn’t do #31.
33. I love to be comfy and sleep in bed.
34. I love to get a pedicure but always paint my toes red.
35. I like to put on a fresh pair of socks when I get home from work (if I’m wearing socks that day).
36. I am extremely blunt and forward.
37. I am also horribly sarcastic.
38. I love the water.
39. I miss living close to the Great Lakes.
40. I have no coordination.
41. I also have no rhythm.
42. I get bored pretty easily.
43. I am a total emotional eater.
44. I could eat pizza every night.
45. I can type pretty fast, but have no idea about WPM.
46. While I would love to be a stay at home mom, I really don’t think I could do it
47. I hate tuna from a can, the smell, the look of it all make me want to barf.
48. The sight of a honeycomb makes my stomach turn and gives me the creeps. I do not know why.
49. My mother drives me nuts because she is always trying to figure out the Why of things, such as #48.
50. I cannot stand ketchup, I do not want it to touch me or come anywhere near me. I have had to address this dislike since both of my children do like ketchup.
51. I love shopping at Goodwill, but prefer to only go when it’s 50% off day.
52. According to my friend Heather, I am really good at looking shit up online.
53. My first dog’s name was Disney and he was a Dalmatian.
54. Before I got married I didn’t have a middle name.
55. I met Leo while at work and while dating someone else.
56. I refused to go to dinner with him while I was dating other person because it was too much like a date, but we went to lunch every day.
57. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Brengman from the 3rd grade.
58. My Grandma Jean used to call me DaniGirl. I sure do miss her.
59. I like to keep boxes that stuff comes in even if I never use it again.
60. Leo and I had two dogs before we had kids – Bogart and Dagwood both bassets.
61. I played volley ball in grade school and I was a good player.
62. I also ran track, not so good at that.
63. I took a rowing (on water) class and loved it.
64. I hate cleaning my house and according to Leo I’m not very good at it anyway.
65. I don’t mind doing laundry it’s the folding and putting it away part I hate.
66. I could watch the movie ‘The Goonies’ over and over again.
67. I wanted to be a Goonie when I was a kid.
68. I wish I could fly.
69. I wanted to fly fighter jets when I was younger.
70. Leo and I did jager shots at our wedding instead of a champagne toast
71. I have a secret wish of being a Broadway dancer. This is sort of funny because I am not a good dancer AT ALL and because of #’s 40 and 41. But I still think it would be AWESOME to dance in like a chorus line.
72. I swear a lot even since having kids.
73. I really should be working since I am at work while creating this list.
74. I saw New Kids on the Block in concert with my friend Jackie. And I think we both cried (but at least it wasn’t Milli Vanelli…).
75. Leo and I went to San Francisco on our honeymoon.
76. I would travel anywhere in the word if I had time and money (and a take along nanny).
77. I love to travel.
78. I love to read.
79. My favorite book of all time is Jane Eyre.
80. I cry after watching most movies even if they are funny.
81. I cry when I hear the National Anthem (the US National Anthem that is).
82. I cry easily when watching or hearing things that are patriotic, like seeing soldiers in person.
83. I cried at everything I went to when I was in Washington DC.
84. My first car was a 1986 Chevy Eurosport.
85. My current car is a 2004 Passatt.
86. I had my previous car a 2000 Jetta blessed by a preacher because it was possessed.
87. I love to buy stuff just to have it even if I’ll never use it.
88. I consider Leo my best friend and usually miss him during the day.
89. I like to sit Indian style.
90. I believe in ghosts.
91. I love watching The Haunting and Ghost Hunters on TV.
92. I am a sucker for a cute guy with a foreign accent.
93. I do not like to have lotion on the palms of my hands.
94. My left hip goes in farther then my right from carrying my kids.
95. I didn’t have a lot of friends in school and was made fun of a lot.
96. I love tulips, especially red ones. And I always vowed to have a little Holland in my front yard but I am not sure how well tulips will grow out here in AZ.
97. I did not use one rose in my wedding flowers.
98. I had a crush on a boy named Brandon in grade school.
99. I went to Catholic school until the 10th grade.
100. My friend Heather let me borrow a St. Joseph to sell my house and it worked.

So you actually read them all? Or you just scrolled all the way to the end and thought there is no way in hell I'm reading all this about a person I don't know. Or maybe you know me and you're like I don't want to know any more about you...Either way thanks for scrolling and/or reading!


Anonymous said...


Danielle said...

So at least I'm not alone in my weirdo smell likes. :)
Do you like a freshly opened sticky note package too? HMmmmmm....sweet smell!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to put my name on that one...you can tell we are sisters :) Really when I am stressed I small tape...I should just go around with a little piece of it stuck under my nose. I also love the smell of post-its. And many other things on your list we have in common. Esp. 16. I had to buy for work a bunch of blue pens cause all we had was black. Cannot wait to see my weird ass sister!!

Kelly said...

That was fun, but come on scotch tape?!?! Of course I could wander around an office supply store for hours. LOL

Harmony said...

You and I have a few things in common. I now know where your PM screen name comes from. I also sit Indian Style (I am sitting that way as I read this). I too cry at our National Anthem. I dont cry as much with the soldiers much anymore as I live with one and he makes me want to scream most of the time. :) I did enjoy getting to know more about you and I love your blog. You crack me up.

Holli said...

Girl you are too funny! All my pens that I use have caps on them or they go in the trash!!