02 July 2008

Swim School and Random Ramblings

Sweet Girl did great again and Little Man did better this time as well. We were actually able to get into the water and away from the step. He even jumped in, whoa!! That was exciting. I opted for getting changed out of my bathing suit in the locker room instead of the car. Quite a bit easier then trying to stay covered up with a towel in the front seat, get out of the gut sucker swim suit and into regular clothes all with not being completely dry. Don't ask why I even tried this? It was a dumb dumb idea. But at least I learned from my mistake.

We were concerned we wouldn't have swim school because of potential rain (HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) but we did have class and guess what, it didn't rain (big shock). It was pretty windy though. I can see what's happening now, we are beginning to be like those people in TN that expects it to snow when it's forecasted. What a joke. Soon we'll be desperate for precipitation. That is very sad. We'll have to travel to see some!

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