10 July 2008

Little Man Not So Little

We went to Little Man's 2 year check up yesterday. He is not really all that little actually. He weighs a nice round 32.8 pounds and is 34 3/4 inches tall. This equals short and chunky. He's in the 90th percentile for weight but only the 55th for height. But I am not worried, Sweet Girl was like this as well and she has trimmed out pretty nicely. Also the kid runs around like a nut so they are both pretty active and don't sit around all that much. They move A LOT. Trust me I know.

And on a Sweet Girl note...we were leaving the docs office yesterday and driving down the street to head to the freeway. She is fussing a bit and Leo is telling her to calm down and she finally does. Until they stop at a light and she starts screaming and pointing. There is a big semi truck next to the truck and Leo is thinking it's scaring her so he's trying to get out of her what the matter is. Finally he does, and this is what the problem is:
"There is a Harley Davidson store over there and I can't see it". She can't see it because the big semi truck is in the way. This is what was causing all the crying and screaming. Of course we had to call Gran-dad and tell him this because he would be proud. Because of Gran-dad Sweet Girl can tell the difference between a crotch rocket and Harley Davidson. And she will ALWAYS point out the motorcycles as we're driving and always talks about Gran-dad after seeing them.
Luckily she'll get to see Gran-dad and Gaga soon!! YAY!! I think we are all looking forward to that.

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