30 July 2008

Amazon Is On Crack

The other day I get an email from Amazon. The ones where they like to recommend stuff based on a previous purchase. I like Amazon and I buy a lot there, mostly books and toys. So why did I get an email regarding the fact I needed to 'Stock Up on Street Surfing Gear'? I found it funny because I have no need to stock up on any street surfing gear. I don't own a skateboard or anything of the like. I do own a bike but I haven't ridden it in over 4 years. I only own a car and would probably look a little funny driving around with a street surfing helmet on. So I chuckled to myself as I thought a better recommendation would be the next installment of the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer or maybe something new in Elmo's World or a new Disney DVD that has been released for that stupid god forsaken vault that has prohibited me from buying Snow White or Sleeping Beauty unless I get them used.

The only purchase I can think that I made that would put me remotely into the street surfing gear category was Sweet Girls knee pads and helmet for her little 12 inch bike. They were adorned with Disney Princesses so that must automatically lumps me in the category of "street gear" purchaser. Although I must be pretty thick this morning because I'm not quite sure I see the connection.

If anyone needs any new street surfing gear, let me know I'll forward you the email.


Kelly said...

FYI...Sleeping Beauty will be out on Oct 7th. We are anxiously awaiting it as our copy is all scratched up, wonder how that happened?!?

Kim said...

Kelly beat me to the news about Sleeping Beauty! We're excited!

You know you're surfing on that desert sand!! I'm surprised that nobody has invented some contraption for that yet.