17 July 2008

Just Brightens My Day (insert sarcastic tone)

Ah how nice it was to come home and not see brown/beige in our living room/dining room. It's just a nice white with a hint of blue. It's very peaceful and looks awesome. It is amazing at how much what seemed like the lighter of the browns that dominated most of the house made the house so dark. I am already much happier. With the walls at least.

What doesn't make me happy is that Sweet Girl is sick. She's running a high fever. So we have two possibilities here:
1. Gaga and Gran-dad brought some nasty bugs from the flight (possible yes, probable no)
2. We are now moving into getting ALL the sicknesses kids in Arizona got LAST summer.

I mean why not? Who doesn't love being sick in the summer? Personally I do, I don't know about you (Remember I did say I was horribly sarcastic, so you should have read that with all the sarcasm YOU can muster and then multiply it by about 1000). I love to feel shitty and have a fever of over 100 degrees when it's already like a damn oven out there. And when you have a kid that is suffering oh it just makes it so much better. Maybe just maybe I'll get my other wish, PUKE. Summer puke ah yes.
So I haven't mentioned happy valley lately. I guess I have been in happy valley for a while now. It's nice there most days. I've come out every now and then to be a mean sarcastic bitch. I just like to be like that every so often, I think it makes you realize just how much better being in happy valley is. I am generally not this way to my children more like my husband or my mother, both I'm sure would attest to that without hesitation.
I need to do a good vent post, I haven't done one in a while. This one was weak. I'll work on it. I know what could do it, the fact there appears to be a leak on our ceiling in the TV room. Oh yes, that is just plain annoying. You'll hear about it. Oh yes, yes you will.

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Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me??? You better get that kid better. You have ONE day!