22 July 2008

Ahhh...Brown Free....

The whole front part of the house is now brown paint free, with the exception of the guest room and bath which I just picked out the colors for last night. A light light grey, oh it will be so nice and cool and calming. I found a pretty lavender and grey bedding set that will compliment nicely and welcome all those who come to visit that retreat. Does that make you want to visit?

Ah it is just so nice to walk in and be welcomed by a nice creamy cool color instead of tan, dark brown and more tan. I had nothing against beige, tan or brown paint until I moved into this house. I'm not really sure what these people were thinking. It's like they wanted it to be like outside, so hell let's paint as much brown as possible.

And the kitchen is RED, oh how I love a red kitchen. It makes me happy and hopefully won't make me want to eat. Hmmm....maybe I should have rethought that color choice. Crap.

Well either way, I love the paint in our house now...soothing and calm.

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