29 July 2008

3 Months To A Birthday

Sweet Girl comes out with some random stuff. Stuff we aren't talking about at the moment so that is funny but the conversation itself adds to the humor. The other day while playing in the play room she decided that she wants to have a big princess birthday party. I proceeded to ask her who she wanted to invite:
Sweet Girl: I want to have a BIG princess birthday party
Me: Who do you want to invite?
SG: J.Calvin
Me: OK, anyone else?
SG: Megan, Madeline, Olivia
*Note that NONE of the kids she mentioned LIVE here, they are all from TN and her old preschool with the exception of Olivia who is her cousin in CA.
Me: What about some kids from your new school? What about Allison?
SG: OK and Aidan.
Me: Anyone else?
SG: Ah, I don't know, you figure it out.

Well OK then. I guess I'll figure it out myself... I have over 3 months to plan and I'm sure the guest list will change about 100 times or maybe even be forgotten.


Chrissy said...

I so can relate to where you are coming from! Hannah has been doing the same thing, well with the exception that all of our friends are here. But every person she meets becomes her best friend so we have to invite every person we know. lol

Kelly said...

LOL, I just get a list of stuff she wants no mention of a party. I'm still mulling that part over.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Well at least there isn't angst & drama about the birthday party for 3 months (see "My Son").

Hey - thanks for visiting/commenting :D I'm totally jealous of your 1/2 price days at Goodwill; no such thing here...